Liburnia Maritime Agency launched BACKTOBLU foremost to raise awareness, thus encourage behavioural change towards the environment. The initiative aims to alter consciousness towards environmental issues by informing, educating and engaging audience to action.

Bringing the issue of environment pollution to the forefront, we’ll inspire behavioural change through 

social media content ( facebook, instagram, LinkedIn) - staying up to date on environmental news, sharing content about threats & promoting advices for behavioural changes

donations for environmental NGO’s (profits from sales of BACKTOBLU items)

various projects & case studies (collaborations with scientific and educational institutions)

educations (during our company events, in other companies, organisations, schools and faculties)

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BACKTOBLU, the environmental awareness initiative and a part of Liburnia’s Corporate Social Responsibility program has become even more – a Brand.

Led by the idea to start a brand, we have launched the design and the production of organic cotton clothing and accessories such as t- shirts, hoodies and bags. The goal is to help and support local environmental organisations donating 100% of profits from sales of our products.


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Being a part of the maritime industry, which has a major impact on environmental pollution, carries certain responsibilities and make us strive to spread consciousness and foster solutions to prevent further development of adverse effects on humans and the environment...


Today it’s impossible to escape plastic in our everyday live, and plastic is literally in our hands all day long.

Coffee in plastic cup, the fruit in plastic packaging, salad in plastic case, yoghurt in plastic cup all together in the plastic bag.

We think anyone can relate...